Meet the Seat Engine Team

Seat Engine was born out of the need for simple, user-friendly event ticketing software that entertainment venues could use, so owners can focus on providing a great experience to their audiences and eventgoers. And who better to offer that solution than people who intimately understand this need?

Seat Engine was created in 2009 by a comedy club owner as the answer to the unsatisfactory event ticketing software that existed at the time. And for 13 years, Seat Engine has simplified selling tickets and managing customer relationships across multiple venues. So, meet the team of exceptional people revolutionizing event ticketing one venue at a time.

Marc, founder and CEO of Seat Engine


Chief Executive Officer

Marc founded Seat Engine after being frustrated with the available ticketing solutions for his own comedy clubs. In his spare time, he plays in a band, golfs, watches Reality TV, and enjoys long walks on the beach ;)

Bill, Seat Engine’s Chief Technology Officer


Chief Technology Officer

Bill oversees all things tech. He can quite literally build you a computer, write the programs you'll use on it, snowboard it down a mountain to you, then brew you a nice Dunkel to enjoy while you set it up.

Alicia, COO of Seat Engine


Chief Operating Officer

Alicia has worn every hat in the company but developer. She corrals and focuses the team to give you the best event ticketing solution. We really like having her around, despite her hatred of mashed potatoes and ability to recite episodes of Friends.

David, Controller



David is a middle-aged man who learned to cook from Selena Gomez, and is also in charge of our money. He doesn't eat fruits or vegetables. We're just going to leave that one right there.

Amanda, Director of Sales, and Business Development at Seat Engine


Director, Sales & Business Development

Amanda has a background in live entertainment, so she’s in touch with your specific needs. When she’s not building relationships with venues and overseeing live entertainment solutions, she’s traveling, skiing, and rehoming rescue animals. Take a break, Amanda.

Melissa, Area Director, East


Area Director, East

When Melissa isn’t developing custom proposals for your ticketing needs to support the growth of your venue, she's somehow making time to be an awesome baseball & basketball mom, volunteer at an environmental preserve and attempt to learn how to play tennis.

Anya, Senior Designer of Seat Engine’s event ticketing platform


Senior Designer

Anya designs new features for our product and is constantly enhancing the user experience. Anya loves traveling and has lived in 3 different countries throughout her life. We're pretty happy that she settled on this one.

Zoya, UX and UI Engineer at Seat Engine



Zoya is a React Engineer focusing on UX & UI. Outside of work, she likes to mostly mix it up. Zoya travels to different places, tries different foods, hikes different trails, and then comes home and pets the same fluffy cat, Zorro.

Graham, Performance and Reliability Engineer at Seat Engine



Graham is an Elixir Engineer who focuses on performance and reliability. True to an engineer, when we asked him a little about himself, we got: "lives on carbonated water, SCUBA enjoyer". So there you have it!

Graham, Performance and Reliability Engineer at Seat Engine



Virginia is a Full Stack engineer focusing on Elixir who adores mountains and beaches. She’s a hiker and backpacker, too, who builds stamina chasing after her two Australian cattle dogs. Ask her why her husband and friends call her “the karaoke kid.”

Jason, Seat Engine Software Support Manager


Software Support Manager

Jason spent most of his life running on a baseball field (All-State and D1 Athlete), and now spends his time running interference between support and engineering. He's likely manicuring his lawn by hand as you read this.

Alethea, Seat Engine Ticketing Support Agent


Ticketing Support Agent

Alethea, client support wiz, once drove from Buffalo, NY to Dallas, TX for a Jane's Addiction concert, her Hogwart's house is Hufflepuff, and her favorite workout program is called "Insanity". She fits right in here.

Katelyn Seat Engine Ticketing Support Agent


Ticketing Support Agent

When Katelyn isn’t assisting clients, she can be found spending time outdoors, especially boating, and eating as much sushi as possible. She also played college soccer, so I'd be nice if I were you.

Michael, Seat Engine Ticketing Support Agent


Ticketing Support Agent

Our resident Canadian and gamer extraordinaire, Michael, can not only help with your Seat Engine needs, but he spends enough time in the gym that he can also help if you need your truck pulled somewhere.

Katelyn Seat Engine Ticketing Support Agent


Ticketing Support Agent

The Force is strong with Alex, Star Wars fan supreme. She’s also a D&D devotee who runs the games, paints the miniatures, and got married in a castle. Her favorite animal’s a snail, but she’s quick to assist clients!