Why You Need a Strong Event Venue CRM System

Demand for live, in-person events is high, but most venues can’t host blockbuster headliners like Taylor Swift or Kevin Hart. Smaller clubs, theaters, and galleries are the heart of local culture, and usually can’t rely on household names to sell tickets and bring in crowds.  This reality is one of many reasons you need strong […]

Your Quick-Start Guide to Event Venue Operations

So you want to open a comedy club or music venue? Now that the COVID-19 pandemic is largely in society’s rearview mirror, it’s a great time to start an event venue. Both comedy clubs and live music venues should experience growth over the next several years. But growth doesn’t happen on its own. It requires […]

Event Marketing ROI: What It Is & How To Measure It

Time for a fast flashback to Business 101! Return on investment (ROI) is a key metric businesses use to evaluate an investment or project’s financial performance. Divide the net profit it generates by its cost, multiply by 100 to get a percentage, and voila—you’ve calculated ROI. When you’re an event venue, performances and other ticketed […]