Welcome to Seat Engine, your all-in-one venue ticketing software for seamless venue and event management. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the powerful features of Seat Engine software, designed to simplify and enhance the ticketing experience for venues of all sizes.

Admin Dashboard

At the core of Seat Engine lies the Admin Dashboard, providing venues with crucial at-a-glance insights. The dashboard ensures efficient daily operations, from real-time ticket sales breakdowns to quick links for upcoming events and order searches.

Event Creation

Talent Builder

Every event on Seat Engine comes to life with a “talent profile.” This profile includes a mandatory bio, headshot, and optional resources like a talent’s official website and video clips.

Event Builder

Our drag-and-drop event builder streamlines the process of adding multiple shows to an event. The event ticketing software allows for cloning existing shows, saving valuable time during event creation. Whether it’s a single show or a series of events, Seat Engine simplifies the process without you worrying about anything else and since we host your website, you only have to build once.

Help Desk Articles/Videos

Seat Engine offers comprehensive help desk articles and videos covering the nuances of event creation, talent profile building, and editing events or shows. These resources ensure that users can make the most of Seat Engine’s powerful features.

Email Marketing

Seat Engine’s user-friendly email builder empowers venues to create impactful marketing campaigns effortlessly. The platform’s email marketing tool seamlessly integrates with event details, from highlighting individual events to creating lists and incorporating text blocks or images. The email dashboard provides insightful statistics for every campaign sent, aiding venues in refining their marketing strategies.

Products Store

Venues can expand revenue streams by selling gift cards and promotional swag through Seat Engine’s Products Store. This feature adds versatility to your offerings and enhances the overall customer experience.


Seat Engine boasts a robust reporting section, offering 12 different revenue reports to cater to specific venue needs. From balancing the cash drawer to settlement reports for paying talent at the end of the night, our reporting tools provide valuable insights into your venue’s financial performance.

Customer and Order Search

Efficiency is key, and Seat Engine delivers two powerful search functions. The order search enables users to find specific ticket orders swiftly. In contrast, the customer search allows venues to explore customer profiles, including order history, billing addresses, and venue credits associated with the account.

(Coming Soon) Storefront Builder

Anticipate an upcoming feature—the Storefront Builder. This content-block concept allows users to design and edit their storefront websites without HTML and CSS knowledge. Customize your website effortlessly by selecting content blocks, colors, and fonts to match your brand’s aesthetic.

Seat Engine’s venue ticketing software features are tailored to meet the diverse needs of venues. From event creation to email marketing and robust reporting, Seat Engine is your partner in elevating the ticketing experience. Stay tuned for the exciting addition of the Storefront Builder, further enhancing your venue’s online presence. Request a demo today to experience the future of ticketing with Seat Engine!