Welcome to Seat Engine, where we revolutionize the event ticketing world with our innovative Event Builder – the heart of our event venue software. Seat Engine is your one-stop shop for all your event ticketing needs, offering comprehensive and fully customizable ticketing software that makes selling tickets online a breeze. Our platform is designed to empower venues, promoters, and event organizers with tools that streamline your event creation process. Our flexible and user-friendly interface ensures a seamless process from start to finish. Dive into the future of event venue management software with Seat Engine and unlock the full potential of your events today.

Our Event Builder Features and Details:

Intuitive Event Management:

At Seat Engine, we understand that time is of the essence when managing events. Our user-friendly event-building feature allows you to put events on sale and effortlessly manage ticketing inventory. The intuitive event venue software streamlines the process, ensuring you can focus on creating memorable events rather than grappling with complex software.

1. Event Builder:

Seat Engine’s Event Builder functionality transforms the way you plan and execute your events. With a focus on efficiency and user-friendliness, our platform introduces a revolutionary drag & drop feature designed to simplify the event creation process. You can choose to clone an existing show with similar details to save time and increase efficiency, or use our guide to help you customize a new event from scratch! With our Event Builder, preparing and promoting your events is easy!

  • Events vs. Shows: Are you featuring a single artist or talent on multiple dates? No problem! Event Builder allows you to create multiple shows under one single event. Build out your event one time and create multiple shows. It’s as simple as that!

2. Talent Builder:

What good is an event if you can’t advertise the talent you’re showcasing? That’s why Seat Engine’s Event Builder features a complete “Talent Builder” section. With our guided Talent Builder, you can effortlessly add a bio, headshot, and any additional details about your featured talent. This ensures your audience knows exactly who they’re coming to see and builds anticipation for the event. Moreover, the Talent Builder allows for the integration of the talent’s social media or website links, thus offering a more comprehensive insight into the talent’s background. This feature not only enhances the appeal of your event but also aids in promoting your talent across various platforms, increasing their visibility and engagement with potential attendees. With Seat Engine’s Talent Builder, you’re equipped to create a compelling narrative around your talent, making your event more attractive and memorable.

3. Unmatched Client Support

In addition to the informative support sites for event creation, event editing, and talent profile creation, Seat Engine offers reliable and consistent customer support whenever you need it. We can guide you through initial setup, troubleshooting, and through to final execution. Whether you’re a seasoned event professional or a newcomer to event building and management, our event venue management software ensures a stress-free and efficient experience.

Your Comprehensive Choice for Event Venue Management Software

In addition to offering state-of-the-art event management software, Seat Engine takes your online presence to the next level. Our goal is not just to facilitate ticket sales but to make you look good while doing it. Our fully customizable website design platform and free hosting ensure that your venue maintains a professional and cohesive image. By integrating advanced analytics and marketing tools, we empower you to understand your audience better and tailor your events to their preferences, increasing engagement and loyalty. You can even take every event to the next level with an available merch store and email marketing platform! The options are endless! With Seat Engine, your venue isn’t just a place for events; it becomes a destination that is an integral part of your community’s cultural life. Seat Engine’s Event Builder is the answer to your event ticketing needs. With our event venue software, we simplify the process, provide insightful marketing tools, and prioritize the security of your data. Join us on a journey where your events are managed and celebrated. Contact us to request a demo today!